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The Fabricare Forum has been going for over fifteen years and has around 1,000 members.  It first began with Hal Horning of the National Clothesline and Dave Spensley (Uncle Dave).  The Fabricare Forum is like a doughnut shop where drycleaners, wetcleaners, equipment and sales people congregate for a little mental stimulation, or boredom, depending on the topic of the day.  It could also be likened to Cheers, the bar where everyone know each other and meets for a good time.  There are also lurkers including associations, government and environmentalists who are not contributing but want to hear what the outspoken ones on the forum have to say about them.  Kind of like the hall monitors of yesteryear.

Anyone in the business is invited to join by double clicking on the link, which will go to Hal then you can plead your case.  Actually begging and pleading is not necessary but it tends to give Hal a good feeling.  Simply click on . and you are almost in.  Naturally it helps if you have something positively going on in the textile cleaning field.

Stan Golomb was one of the earlier supporters and was one of the all-time greats at marketing for the industry.  Stan Caplan used the forum to dispense a portion of his vast wisdom regarding anything drycleaning, engineering or accounting.  Unfortunately the industry lost a couple of good guys when they passed on to better things.  I hear Dave Spensley is still looking in occasionally while dividing his time between California, Florida and Iowa.  When I first met Dave he was a drycleaner in California and trying to set up a place where drycleaners could all meet on an early day BBS (Bulletin Board Service), the next progression was a place called eGroups then the Fabricare Forum.