There are too many small businesses with little or no true management.  In the cleaning business it has been common for people to simply buy themselves a job.  They open the doors and hope for the best.  There is much more to being a good manager than this.  Some of the articles listed here are a step in moving towards professional management.

Management is such an elusive subject that lends itself to almost anyone being an expert and able to convince others of that fact.

Management is made of many parts including working with people, having a technical background in one or more areas, a knack for numbers with drive and determination.  Of course nobody is perfect at everything they are asked to do therefore management teams have developed.  In a large company with hundreds or thousands of employees this can be an effective way of managing when everybody brings their expertise to the discussion table, then someone decides on each part in order to form a plan.

In a small company it frequently overloads one person when they are in charge of running the company and getting into regulatory, financial or legal problems.  There has been a move towards hiring outside consultants with expertise in the area where the sole manager may be lacking.  For a cleaning business these can be technical, workflow, marketing or training individuals.  This is a very economical way of getting the expertise when you need it, for either now or in the future.