The Master Drycleaners Notebook has been the standard of the industry for over twenty two years as it is the only complete drycleaning textbook available to all those in the industry.   It contains detailed descriptions of common Fibers and Fabrics found in today’s wearing apparel or household items.  It describes the strong and weak points of each fiber and Dyes and Trims.  Drycleaning is outlined in detail including Solvents, Detergents, Moisture use in the cleaning process, Running Times, Drying Temperatures.  And many other technically related information for textile cleaning then an entire chapter on Stain Removal Chemicals, Stains, Techniques and Safety Precautions for the garment.  Bleaching, and Wetcleaning is thoroughly explained along with Pressing and Bleaching of garments.  Available in English and Spanish

The Master Drycleaners Notebook of Tips & Tricks is a very handy and quick reference to a multitude of facts we need to remember if we are going to be a professional cleaner of textiles.  It has sections on Fibers & Fabrics, Drycleaning, Spotting and BleachingEnglish Only

The Master Drycleaners Notebook for Counter Sales is the only book of its kind for training of counter sales people and broaches subjects such as where the employees allegiance should lie while employed by a company.  It discusses personal hygiene, acceptable appearance and telephone etiquette along with describing the textile cleaning business, what it is all about and how to maintain customers.  It has a primer of knowledge necessary to talk intelligently about the services offered at the business.  English Only

The cost of the books has been maintained at a very reasonable price and when ordered here, they are sent immediately with postage paid.  The prices below are for orders in the United States.  For foreign orders please contact for prices including shipping.  Quantity pricing is also available for distributors, suppliers and educational purposes.


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