Plant Operations

Plant Operations is the name of a column in the American Drycleaner magazine that I have written for several years.  I like the title simply because it is not limited to only stain removal, textile cleaning procedures, wetcleaning procedures, pressing, finishing, equipment….well, you get the idea.  The title is all encompassing to allow anything of interest to a textile cleaner to enable them to make their business more efficient, professional or profitable.

Under this heading you will find articles or stories about a divergent range of subjects from the all encompassing to the very narrow and boring to those not in the industry.

The very first article is addressing one of the most basic fears that most all, more experienced, drycleaners fear; the use of moisture in the cleaning process.  As time goes on there will be more and more little tid-bits of information and none nearly as scary as the use of moisture in drycleaning.

With the current state of the industry the second really big and scary thing is the thought of even changing solvents and eventually eliminating the reliance on perchloroethylene as the main solvent for cleaning textiles, and choosing a more gentle, and far less environmentally questionable solvent for textile cleaning.

Probably the third most scary thing in the textile cleaning industry is the changeover from conventional finishing equipment to much newer, more modern, easier to use, and less utility dependent equipmnet that has a much less time consuming learning curve, while producing garments that look and feel better when worn.

There will be more that come to mind and when the idea light goes on those ideas will also be listed here and examined.